1. Promote quality teaching and training in geography through implementation of the Quality Management System of Egerton University every semester

           This shall be achieved through the implementation of Egerton University Quality Management System. The specific activities for staff are:

    1.    Submit course outlines within the first two weeks of the semester.
    2. Monitor class attendance through filling of class attendance forms.
    3. Submit course coverage forms after every fortnight.
    4.  Administer Continuous Assessment Tests (C.A.Ts) within the stipulated timelines and return the marked scripts to students before the final examinations.
    5. Advice students assigned to specific lecturers twice a semester on academic (and social) issues and file evidence with the Chairperson of Department.
    6. Give career talk to Fourth Year students once a semester and file evidence with the Chairperson of Department.
    7. Plan and implement academic field visit – inclusive of submission of field reports.
    8. Timely submission of marked scripts to the Examination Officer two weeks after the end of every semester examinations.
    9. Timely submission of mark sheets to respective faculties after external moderation of examination results.
    10. Participate in self-assessment of MA Geography programme
    11. Embrace ICT in teaching.


  1. Increase research output and dissemination through independent research, student supervision and seminars/workshops.
  1. Research mentoring of at least two postgraduate students in 2019/2020.
  2. Participate in research seminars, trainings and workshops.
  3. Organize two research seminars in 2019/2020.
  4. Publish at least 10 papers in a refereed journal.
  5. Recommend staff and students to attend training and workshops within and outside Kenya.


  1. Establish Linkages with National and International Institutions and Organizations
  1. Initiate at least one MOU/partnership between Egerton University/Geography Department and any relevant organization(s) either within or outside Kenya.
  2. Recommendation/approval of scholarships and international linkages.


  1. Improve resource mobilization through GIS Short course training and proposal writing & submission 
  1. Advertise training of GIS short course(s).
  2. Submit at least two joint and/or individual proposal to funding agencies.


  1. Improve efficiency of service delivery
    1. Attend ALL regular departmental meetings.
    2. Attend ALL postgraduate departmental committee meetings.
    3. Attend postgraduate defense meetings.
    4. Maintain a record of all departmental memos/documents in a way that they are easily retrievable.
    5. Update and maintain a catalogue of all the department’s assets and property.
    6. Prepare and implement a maintenance schedule of equipment in the department.
    7. Identify all obsolete and idle assets as per Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005.
    8. Ensure a systematic implementation of the 2019/2020 Departmental Performance Contract on a monthly basis and or as may be required by the Dean’s office.
    9. Submit (monthly/quarterly) updated website information of the Department to ICT.
    10. Receive and in consultation with the Chairperson of Department, promptly respond (prepare and type) to all mails/correspondence from other arms of the university.
    11. Ensure timely delivery of departmental mails/correspondence.
    12. Ensure maintenance of all equipment (e.g computer dusting, anti-virus installation etc) as per the maintenance schedule. 
    13. Assigned staff to submit to the CoD an updated inventory of all the assets/teaching equipment in the department.
    14. Ensure the opening and closure of office on time.
    15. Ensure minutes of departmental meetings are received, typed and filed within one week.
    16. Ensure timely accounting and surrender of petty cash.
    17. Ensure closure and opening, and overall safety of teaching equipment.
    18. Prepare departmental annual budget and procurement plan.
    19. In consultation with the Examination Officer promptly prepare part-timers’ appointment and payment schedules.
    20. Attend promptly to any assignment given by the Chairperson of Department.
  2. Develop/Review academic programmes in the department to attract more students:
  1. Align PhD programmes in the department with the Commission for University Education (CUE) guidelines.

b) Review MA/MSc Geography and MA Urban Management programmes.

c) Develop at least two Bachelor’s degree programmes (on-going process).