dr.Message From the Chairman

  DR. Humphreys W.Obulinji

Welcome to the Department of Geography. Though the department is housed in Faculty of Arts and Social sciences (FASS) complex, administratively it is one of the three (3) departments in The Faculty of Environment and Resources Development (FERD) at Njoro Campus. The department has a committed staff of 15 members [11 - teaching staff (1 –on leave of absence), 1 - technical staff (on study leave), and 3 support staff]. In addition, the department relies on three committed part-time lecturers, supplementing shortfall in manpower requirement. Our teaching staff is composed of competent persons of diverse areas of specialization in the subject of Geography (refer to staff list).

Geography as a discipline is concerned with three main things on the earth surface: location of phenomena, which yields to patterns of phenomena; the interaction and association of phenomena, both physical and human; and the temporal changes that occur over time and in space in human and physical phenomena. It is because of this that geography is considered the mother of all disciplines. As a department, we are therefore proud to be geographers. That is, scholars who study each and every aspect of what other specialized disciplines study in space. Cognizant of this fundamental role of geography, the department has designed its programs to captures the distribution of people and their activities, physical and man-made features, ecosystems and dynamic and changing interactions between humans and the physical environments in a spatial context. Geography’s main concern is, therefore, to ensure sustainable spatial systems in the process of development. The department is, thus, strategically positioned to use modern spatial technologies (GIS and Remote Sensing) to train manpower that will provide solutions to the challenges arising from these interactions. Through the best practices adopted by the University, we aim at the highest level of standard in generating and disseminating knowledge for the betterment of humanity. We invite and welcome all of you; scholars, planners, managers, trainees, among others, to be part of us in this endeavour.